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These videos and other resources can help guide you on

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My 10 Tips For Working Moms to Increase Productivity is great place to begin! Click here to download.

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  • 3 Minute Meditation 
  •  Mindfulness 
  •  Body Scan Meditation
3 Minute Meditation 

3 Minute Meditation

Come on, you've got 3 minutes to take time for YOU!



5 techniques to help you practice Mindfulness in your daily life.

 Body Scan Meditation

5 Minute Meditation

5 minute body scan meditation using Focus and alignment breathing practice



Watch this space!



Last one...coming soon!

Growing Your Business


Finding Balance in the Everyday Chaos

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Grow Your Business by Finding Balance
Positive Affirmations for Productivity

Daily Positivity

Affirmation Cards

You have the capability to retrain your mindset and live life at your fullest potential. NOW is the time to feel empowered, move forward with confidence and live with purpose! These cards are for you if:

You feel as though life has knocked you off track and now you are ready to get back on course

You are prepared to implement new strategies in your life and step into your personal power

You find you are being called to really embrace your life and begin a personal transformation

You can download these cards now ($14 instant download). Or you can connect with Alicia to learn more about one-on-one coaching.

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